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CTV's product portfolio can be broadly summarized as under:
  • Wholesale: Managed capacity / transmission media, OFC capacity leasing, Advertising and TV commercials
  • Retail: Internet, Data, Voice, TV
The Government of Tanzania is spending US Dollars 170 Million to build a Nationwide Optical Fiber Network infrastructure. The first phase of Tanzania's 10,674-kilometers national fibre-optic backbone was completed in May 2010, connecting Dar es Salaam with towns and cities in northern and eastern Tanzania, and to neighboring Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda. With this development in place CTV is able lease nationwide capacity and expect high growth that is likely to surpass any expectations and impress the market by delivering Next Generation Network (NGN), which offers affordability, reliability and convenient scalability. CTV is best poised to be able to deploy 30 MHz of the 2.5 GHz Frequency band for Nationwide WiMAX network in 26 regions of Tanzania. Currently, the Internet users in Tanzania is 520,000 and this is likely grow to over 1,000,000 Internet users as soon as the last mile infrastructure is set using the 2.5 GHz WiMAX. This is still not the end of story. A Hybrid Fiber Copper (HFC) network or GEPON (Gigabyte Ethernet Passive Optical Network) can also be further deployed to enhance existing facilities to deliver of Triple Play (TV, Internet, Telephone) services.

With every License available for telecommunication services approved and issued to CTV by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), and in the absence of any other similar player in the Tanzanian market the CTV is best poised to capture the largest market share.

  • At METRO level, CTV has established closed partnerships with major ISP's. CTV network includes more than 300 km of fiber optics and is evolving daily.
  • Using its own infrastructure, CTV has implemented at Local level in Dar es Salaam multiple 10/100 mbps LAN network, GEPON and is also looking at CWDM to expand the capacity thus enabling the functioning of Gigabit/10GE Ethernet service.
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