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Services Quality
CTV selects products which meet the following criterion:
  • Benefit to customers/company: the product or Television program must materially benefit the customer or the company in some way. This may manifest itself as a side benefit, an improvement on current services, or additional revenue stream to the company.
  • Cost/benefit ratio: the benefits realized must be at least as great as the cost of implementation, production, and maintenance of the product.
  • Maintainability: the product must be maintainable by CTV personnel. CTV makes a concerted effort to keep customers informed and to remedy problems in the shortest possible times. The company has lost very few customers to technical support issues, and will continue to make high quality support one of its primary goals.
CTV offers telephone and SMS support 24 hours and has a team of technicians who are on-call through cell phones for emergencies like network-down or head-end down situations. In the near future, when we start offering broadband services (voice/video/data) (VVD) products, the company plans to have constant monitoring of network connectivity and take preemptive measures to solve developing problems before the customer even notices them. For instance, if it is determined that there is a failing component on the customer's premise equipment, it would trigger a call to the customer and the scheduling of a replacement part before the customer even realizes that the problem exists.
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