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At CTV, we recognize that our present and future success depends on each customers´ trust in our ability to deliver quality service. Our goal is to earn our customers´ trust by making sure that every customer is satisfied with the outcome of every contact (s)he has with our people and service we provide. We have not completed our job until we meet this goal 100% of the time.

Building a strong relationship with you is the key to our success and it's at the center of how we do business. We're committed to offer the quality, choice and convenience you deserve.

Cable Television Network (CTV) Ltd.
228 Harbor View , Samora Avenue
PO Box 3774, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Telephone support - 2116611 / 2116594 / 0784288011 / 0784288022
SMS support - 0784288001
Email Support: support@ctv.co.tz

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255 22 2116611 / 2116594 sales@ctv.co.tz