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CTV Community Service - Public service announcement (PSA)
CTV is committed to provide commendable community services and is glad to offer Public service announcement (PSA) or Public Service ad. These are Messages disseminated on our Cable TV platform FREE OF CHARGE in the interest of the public. The objective is to promote awareness, support charity organizations in fund raising, and provide assistance in case of any emergency as well as convey positive messages to change public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

PSA that CTV will undertake are as follows:
  • Death Announcement in the community
  • Emergency Blood requirements for, health care needs
  • Community Fund raising projects
  • Non-profit Religious and community events
PSA Messages
  • Must contain information that is beneficial to the community
  • Should not include controversial or self-serving material
  • We prefer 30-second spots.
  • Guidelines for Scroll message announcement
Length of PSA 10 seconds 15 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds
Number of words 20-25 words 30-35 words 40-50 words 60-75 words

PSA Submission Guidelines
  • We would prefer PSA to be submitted via the PSA online form or by email to psa@ctvbroadband.net
  • To avoid errors or misunderstanding, please avoid sending PSA via fax, hand delivered, etc.
  • Please provide following information:
    • Who - The name and telephone number of a contact person for the event
    • What - A brief description of the event or activity
    • Where - Location of the event
    • When - Date and time of the event
    • Why - Purpose of the event
  • In case of any changes on the event, including the date or time of your event or in case of cancelation, PLEASE inform CTV PSA department AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to avoid announcing incorrect information.
  • In the event of a genuine emergency, we are able to take information over the phone or SMS. Such emergencies would include emergency blood drives, special assistance campaigns, etc. Our number is xxx xxx xxx?
CTV is grateful to all communities and Charity organizations for the opportunity they provide us to sponsor their events as media partners and appreciates all for reciprocating in providing a banner space at the event venue and for announcing kind words of thanks in favor of CTV.

For ease, we recommend you to use the following draft for such announcements:

On behalf of (the organization / community name) ---------------------------------------------, we would like to commend and recognize CTV for being our media partner. We thank CTV for airing our Ad to spread the awareness for this event and our organization, to communities in Dar es Salaam and a number of other regions in Tanzania.

255 22 2116611 / 2116594 sales@ctv.co.tz